Upcoming US Holidays (for Mike Taylor)

18 Sep 2020

This is a copy of the email I sent a few days ago to all of Mozilla. I just realized that I’m possibly not the only person with a mail filter to auto-delete company-wide “Upcoming $COUNTRY Holidays” emails, so I’m reposting here.

Maybe I’ll blog later about my experience at Mozilla.

Subject: Upcoming US Holidays (for Mike Taylor)

Howdy all,

This is my last full week at Mozilla, with my last day being Monday, September 21. It’s been just over 7 years since I joined (some of them were really great, and others were fine, I guess).

I’m grateful to have met and worked with so many kind and smart people across the company.

I’m especially grateful for Karl Dubost inviting me to apply to Mozilla 7 years ago, and for getting to know and become friends with the people who joined our team after (Cipri, Dennis, James, Ksenia, Oana, Tom, Guillaume, Kate, et al). I believe they’ve made Firefox a significantly better browser for our users and will continue to unbreak the web.

Anyways, you can find me on the internet in all the usual places. Don’t be a stranger.

Blog: https://miketaylr.com/posts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/miketaylr Facebook: https://fishbrain.com/anglers/miketaylr LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-taylor-7a09163/ Email: (redacted, stalkers. also it’s TOTALLY unguessable don’t even try)


– Mike Taylor Web Compat, Mozilla