An update on issues in

14 Jul 2014

We just pushed an update to today that will allow you to view issues inside of the site. For example, check out this issue reported about a problem for IE 11 users on the site.

For now this is a READONLY update, but one of the next updates to tackle is to allow (logged in) users to add comments, labels, and do the other kinds of issue-y interaction things one does with GitHub issues. For now there’s a link to each issue on GitHub at the bottom of the page if you want to add a comment (which is either super lame, or an advanced agile iteration hack).

We’ve also got a fancy new privacy policy, the number one requested feature by lawyers and paralegals around the world:

A special thanks to the people who volunteered their time and skills to this project, especially magsout, karlcow, calexity, and tagawa.

If you’d like to get involved hacking on, drop by #webcompat on Mozilla’s IRC network or dive into one of our open issues. And naturally since I’m involved, there’s probably tons of bugs that deserve reports and patches.