Web Compatibility Summit Summary

31 Mar 2015

This afternoon I officially moved into the “bend over to use a bike bump and throw your back out so you need to be on pain meds and muscle relaxers” phase of life. Which is also probably considered to be the best time to write a blog post (by 0 out of 10 doctors).


On February 17th Mozilla hosted the first Web Compatibility Summit in sunny-yet-weird Mountain View, California. If you want to get a sense of the schedule for the day, we have a wiki page for that.

Justin Crawford wrote up a nice summary of his presentation on structured compatibility data. Karl Dubost was kind enough to write a summary of the presentations during the day. The talks were also recorded, so go check out all these resources.

It was great to have people from Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and Vivaldi discussing problems that we all face together. Remotely we also had the participation of the good people of Opera and the W3C. In terms of collaboration among vendors it was cool to see.

I think if we do this again next year I’d like to work harder on inviting developers and framework authors. If you would like to get involved or have any ideas, feel free to shoot an email to the Compatibility mailing list.

But for now I’m gonna go turn on The Cure’s Faith album and let the drugs do their thing, man.