Renaming your window.Request global

17 Mar 2015

If you’ve defined your own global window.Request object and have users running Firefox 39 and Chrome 42 (and Opera and soon others), you’re gonna have a bad time (because they ship with the Fetch API which defines its own Request class, obvs.).

Webcompat issue #793 details how breaks (thankfully the videos of awesome Japanese public toilets still work, but all the sidebar content is missing) because they define their own Request object.

Uncaught TypeError: Request.getHashParams is not a function.

So, anyways. If you’re defining your own window.Request your code is going to break and you should pick a new global identifier. Here’s a few suggestions inspired by mid-March conference synergy-fests in Austin, TX:

window.Oppressed window.WaspsNest window.Unimpressed window.SouthBySouthDepressed

Picking any one of those should fix the bugs you’re about to have.