17 Nov 2013

The other day I had an idea when a friend on IRC asked for a quick sanity check on a testcase in Chrome on iOS and Android.

What if we could open Github issues on the devices we don’t personally have (but someone we know does) to ask for a quick test or screenshot?

Over the past few years I’ve accumulated a very small collection of devices, phones and tablets and other weird things like gaming consoles with web browsers (more than half of which have cracked screens).

So I made this repo on Github as an experiment: devicelab.txt (or jump to the list directly).

If you are developing a site and want to know if the fixed header navbar is behaving in Firefox OS, open an issue. Or if you want a screenshot of the network panel of the Safari Web Inspector for your responsive images prollyfill test page on (my wife’s) iOS7 Safari or the iPhone 3 I inherited from my mom… you get the <picture>.

It would be cool for other people to have similar lists too. Maybe.